Consulting, engineering and projects

for the agro-industrial sector

Our experience supports us.

At Agroindustrial Solutions, we offer turnkey projetcs to the needs and problems faced by companies in the agro-industrial sector in relation to the technical and productive section, through consulting, engineering and project management services.

Who we are?

We are a consulting, engineering and project management company in the agro-industrial sector. Specialized in both sections, the agronomic and the project engineering

Agro-industrial Consulting

We provide different services that, based on knowledge and experience in agronomy and project management, focus on providing solutions to the different problems and needs of the sector

Agro-industrial Engineering

We offer turnkey agro-industrial engineering services. We analyze and study each project independently to give efficient responses to the needs of our clients and their projects

Turnkey Projects

We carry out turnkey projects as part of the complete service requested by our clients. We take charge of the project from the design phase until its start-up, thus ensuring the concordance between what is designed and what is finally executed

Design and analysis of
agroindustrials projects





Processing centers

Processing lines

Our versatile team of specialists in agronomy and project engineering, and the wide network of expert collaborators in the sector, are the basis to offer our clients a complete, professional and efficient service.


We analyze each need independently to offer solutions adapted to each project, and thus become the ideal partner and support for our clients.

International Presence

We have no borders