We provide different services that…

…based on knowledge and experience in agronomy and project management, focus on providing solutions to the different problems and needs of the sector.

Agronomic Consulting and Crop Management

This is one of the services that has placed us as a benchmark company in the sector.

Thanks to our Agricultural Engineering Team, specialists in crop and production management, we provide a turnkey agricultural advisory service focused on optimizing resources and increasing crop/project yields.

Business Consulting

Investment consulting

We are the support of investors and investment companies in the agricultural sector, who count on us to identify investment opportunities, to carry out both technical and subjective evaluations of the companies they want to acquire, to mediate in the negotiations and, once completed investment, manage your investments on a technical level.

Project Management

We are involved in the concept, development and management of projects to support our clients and increase their technical and economic efficiency.

Feasibility studies

We prepare feasibility studies, both technical and economic, of the projects that our clients want to carry out. With this service, we make available the necessary information to be able to evaluate from a technical point of view the possibility of carrying out the project and implementing it, and from an economic point of view, the profitability of the investment to be made.


Within the Consulting services, we include training services. These services are focused in a totally practical way and oriented towards project workers. Training services are adapted to each project and to the previous training level of workers, in order to achieve better results, since much of the success of a project is based on its human capital.

“We are proud to be able to affirm that our clients trust and rely on us when designing and managing their projects”

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